About :

The Selçuk University Civil Aviation School was established by decision of the Council of Ministers dated 11 March 2013 No. 2013/4459, according to supplementary item 30 of the Organizations of High Education Institutions Law No: 2809 dated 28 March1983. There are 5 departments in the structure of the School including Air Traffic Control, Avionics, Flight Training, Aviation Management, Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance.

Mission :

First of all to educate graduates who analyse and design of all vehicles moving in air and in space like airplane, helicopter, satellite that will contribute to the economic and scientific development of Turkish society together with the scientific and technological studies on the identification and investigation of the environment of these vehicles,compete at national and international level, associate national identity, continuously improve itself with global values, dominate technology, respect the environment, society and ethical values, have manufacturer, entrepreneur and leader features, will be able to take part in production, application and R & D activities successfully at national and international level in industry and research institutions, is producer-minded and have self-improvement learning to make basic and applied researches supporting educational programs and contributing to regional and national development in aircraft technologies in aviation, to and maintain the necessary infrastructure for this.

Vision :

The vision of the School of Civil Aviation is to train the leading staff in the profession who adopts scientific developments as guidelines, knows the requirements of aviation industry, loves his/her country and occupation, aims to use science and technique for the benefit of our country and humanity, knows thinking, learning, research, inquiry, contributes to science, dominates the information age, is personality owner, scientifically qualified in the field of modern and contemporary science and technology, capable of competing nationally and internationally.