Head of Department : Dr. Ögr. Üyesi Aziz Hakan ALTUN

Erasmus Coordinator : Doç. Dr. Elif EREN GÜLTEKİN

Farabi Coordinator : Doç. Dr. Elif EREN GÜLTEKİN

Mevlana Coordinator : Doç. Dr. Elif EREN GÜLTEKİN

ECTS Coordinator : Dr. Ögr. Üyesi Aziz Hakan ALTUN

Vision :

 To constitute a department: At a high level of innovation in science and technology, the quality of education and teaching, the stakeholder satisfaction in service, within the universal criteria, works for the benefit of our society and humanity, transforms the results of research into technology, has infrastructure for professional development, understands the necessity for life-long learning, provides world standards education at the highest level, displays participatory, qualified and meaningful productivity to achieve perfection with its staff and students, is conscious of professions ethical responsibilities, universal and social effects, responsive to ages problems, innovative, pioneering and leading.

Mission :

 Prioritizing citizenship responsibility and social development, give the students bachelors and masters degrees based on practical training, prepare them to become future leaders in the business life, academic field and industry in order to solve the maintenance problems of the future as well as today in cooperation with a competitive and dynamic society.

Purpose :

The aim of the Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance of Civil Aviation School is to train technical personnel who are well-qualified at aircraft maintenance with the necessary knowledge and skills for supplying the maintenance personnel needs of aviation-related institutions or organizations.

Language of Program :


Definition of Program :

In our department, basic courses in the first year, vocational courses in the 2nd and 3rd years and elective courses besides vocational courses in 4th year are taught. During the undergraduate education, our students are provided with the professional knowledge at the contemporary level and this knowledge is supported by laboratories, internships and graduation projects to improve the students research and practice ability.

Admission and Registration Requirements :

The students are required to get enough points from the relevant score type of the entrance exam to the universities by OSYM and provide prerequisites of the department. On the other hand, it is possible to register to the program in such ways as horizontal transfer and vertical transfer.

Recognition of Previous Education :

 Students who provide the necessary conditions and wish to pass from the other undergraduate or associate degree programs are allowed to pass according to the rules of adjustment.

Graduation Requirements :

In order to graduate from the program, the students are required to successfully complete the courses, internships and graduation projects taken during the 8 semesters.

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

Students are evaluated with a midterm exam and a final exam within 1 semester. After the final/repeat exam of the course, the students success in a course is determined according to the letter grade given the total of 40% of the mid-term exam/exams average grade and 60% of the final/repeat exam grade by the instructor of the course. In order to be considered successful for a course, the student must have at least CC letter grade.

Employment Oppurtunities :

The graduates of our department are employed in aircraft maintenance organizations. They can also work in other military and civil aviation companies serving in aviation.

Access to Further Studies :

In accordance with the regulations of the High Education Board, it is possible to transfer to different undergraduate programs within the same or certain limitations with the horizontal and vertical transition programs. In addition, our graduates have the possibility of postgraduate education.