Head of Department : Prof. Dr. Ramazan Arı

Erasmus Coordinator : Asst. Prof. Dr. Özden KUŞCU

Farabi Coordinator : Asst. Prof. Dr. Özden KUŞCU

Mevlana Coordinator : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gökhan KAYILI

ECTS Coordinator : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gökhan KAYILI

About :

Child Development Agents who undertake important tasks such as evaluating and supporting children's development in every way, guiding families and educators on this issue, making necessary directions for the creation of appropriate educational programs and raising awareness of the society play an important role in a modern and conscious society consisting of healthy, successful individuals in all respects.

In this direction, the aim of the master's program opened by the Department of Child Development is to train child development specialists who can make diagnosis and evaluation for the development of children and adolescents with normal and special needs, acute and chronic diseases, in need of protection and at risk of development, perform family counseling, prepare and implement developmental support programs, take part in research and application projects, use technological, scientific methods and techniques, adopt an eclectic approach and adhere to ethical values. Graduates of the master's program in Child Development have high level skills such as following and implementing national and international innovations at the level of knowledge and practice in the field of child development, research planning, conducting and reporting, sharing research with employees, following literature and scientific studies related to the field.

Vision :

To be a department that educates child development and education specialists who continuous self-development and exemplary in the field of child education that produces and teaches information at an international level, can express freely the feelings and thoughts required by modern and democratic society, transfer basic life skills to daily life, provide creative, researcher, entrepreneur, self-control, value differences and respect human rights, are willing to learn, and aim to educate mentally and physically healthy individuals.

Mission :

Evrensel ölçütlere uygun eğitim sistemiyle, araştırma ve sorun çözme becerisine sahip, sürekli kendini geliştirebilen ve toplum yararına çalışan çocuk gelişimi ve eğitimi uzmanları yetiştirmektir.

Purpose :

0-18 yaşlar arasındaki normal gelişim gösteren, engeli olan, korunmaya muhtaç, çalışan, mülteci, suçlu çocuklar ile hastanede yatan çocukların zihinsel, dil, motor, sosyal, duygusal gelişimlerini ve özbakım becerilerini değerlendirebilen, tüm gelişim ve beceri alanlarını destekleme konusunda çocuğa, aileye, eğitimciye ve topluma hizmet sunan çocuk gelişimi uzmanı yetiştirmektir.

Language of Program :


Definition of Program :

Selcuk University Graduate School of Social Sciences Department of Child Development and Home Management Education offers graduate programs in child development and nutrition education specialization. The Department has two departments: Child Development and Education Science and Nutrition Education Science.

Admission and Registration Requirements :

Selcuk University Institute of Social Sciences Graduate Programs are subject to admission requirements.

Recognition of Previous Education :

Students who are transferred to the program can be exempted by the decision of the Graduate School Administrative Board since they have been successful in their graduate courses.

Graduation Requirements :

To complete the thesis and seminar work on condition that they are successful in the elective and compulsory courses in the program, 120 ECTS in total, 30 ECTS in each semester.

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

Assessment and evaluation methods for each course are determined by Selçuk University Education and Training Regulations and Examination Application Principles and students will be subjected to midterm, final and make-up exams if necessary.

Employment Oppurtunities :

Graduates of the program are employed as experts in private and public institutions in the fields of Child Development and Education.

Access to Further Studies :

Graduated students can apply for doctoral programs.