Head of Department : Prof. Başak SOLMAZ

Erasmus Coordinator : Asts. Prof. H. Nur GÖRKEMLİ

Farabi Coordinator : Assoc. Prof. M.Evrim GÜLSÜNLER

Mevlana Coordinator : Assoc. Prof. Hasret AKTAŞ

ECTS Coordinator : Prof. Ömer BAKAN

Vision :

In these days when the communication enters in every field of life and, the organisations which can achieve success only by maintaining the right relationship with their target audiences, our basic vision is to be such a program that gives education at international standards, trains students who are modernists, searchers and examiners capable of managing both theory and practices: and using new communication technologies successfully.

Mission :

The basic mission of our program is to reach an arbiter position in changes in the Public Relations area by developing further nationally known elegant education, research and application qualities performing theoretical and applied researches which are accepted by the national and international science world offering a suitable scientific environment for training future Public Relations specialists training Public Relations graduates for the sectors needs who are qualified enough, ethical and, tied to social values can have easy access to the information, produce and share have the ability of making right and sound decisions.

Purpose :

The aim of Public Relations and Publicity program is to train students who are well, equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge in Public Relations and also capable of observing the society they live in, producing long-term solutions to problems, making good use of communication technologies, planning and running all kinds of campaigns about Public Relations and, managing graduate education in related fields.

Language of Program :


Definition of Program :

The aim of Public Relations and Publicity Department is to educate students who are equipped with theorical and practical knowledge in the field of Public Relations in graduate level who investigate, question and observe the society in which they live can produce long-term solutions to problems use communication technologies well, plan and ute all kinds of campaigns related to Public Relations.

Admission and Registration Requirements :

Candidates who have successfully completed the undergraduate education can take graduate programs in related fields if they take the ALES score and pass the written exam of the department.

Recognition of Previous Education :

Students who have graduated from Public Relations and Publicity undergraduate and related undergraduate branches can do graduate education in this program.

Graduation Requirements :

Students who successfully complete their courses, write and defend their thesis can graduate.

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

The students have midterm, final and make up examinations right for each lesson. Passing grade is 66 for Master and 73 for Doctorate. In applied courses the exams can be held applied considering the same grading key.

Employment Oppurtunities :

 Public Relations and Publicity Department graduates can serve in health organizations, city halls, political parties, civil society organizations, the papers, radios, televisions and particularly public or private enterprises. Besides, they can serve in such units as human resources, advertising, marketing, board of directors offices.