Head of Department : Doç. Dr. Ömer ÖZDEN

Erasmus Coordinator : Doç. Dr. Ömer ÖZDEN

Farabi Coordinator : Doç. Dr. Ömer ÖZDEN

Mevlana Coordinator : Doç. Dr. Ömer ÖZDEN

ECTS Coordinator : Doç. Dr. Oğuz KARAKAYA

Vision :

Department of Music The field of Turkish Art Music Science program, with its education, practice and research, which can be preferred both nationally and internationally, in terms of student and academic staff. To be a program that can bring solutions to problems, to be to improvement, to the artist / performer and academician candidate, and to develop interdisciplinary communication and cooperation at national and international level.

Mission :

The main aim of the department is to educate the candidates who are competent and well-equipped researchers, artists and academicians in the field of Turkish Music in the field of Turkish Music. In addition, it is within the scope of the Departments mission to further develop the graduate program in the light of field-specific studies.

Purpose :

Department of Music The aim of the master program of Turkish Art Music Department is to examine the problems of Turkish Music in terms of both practical and theoretical issues such as rhythm, authority, form, sound system and analysis of the works of our day. and / or to educate an artist, performer and academician candidate on an international level