Head of Department : Prof. Dr. Orhan GÖKCE

Erasmus Coordinator : Assistant Professor Vahap GÖKSU

Farabi Coordinator : Prof. Dr. Hülya EŞKİ UĞUZ

Mevlana Coordinator : Prof. Dr. Hülya EŞKİ UĞUZ

ECTS Coordinator : Assistant Professor Vahap GÖKSU

About :

As an institution which is distinguished by the quality of its scientific activities and the quality of its education and training programs, we provide 4-year undergraduate and graduate education.

Vision :

In accordance with Turkey's 2023 targets and our university,our main vision is to have a respectable position in our country and in the world and to become a public administration department that makes a breakthrough with a competitive and innovative approach in terms of scientific qualifications and academic studies.

Mission :

The mission of our department is to provide researchers and innovative individuals equipped with management qualifications in public institutions and organizations, private sector and non-governmental organizations. Our mission is to educate individuals who can use multi-faceted thinking and making the right decision. To communicate effectively with current theoretical and practical knowledge of the field and education.

Purpose :

In line with the determined mission and vision, it is aimed to educate objective, open and forward-thinking students who can develop the problems and innovations encountered in the field of public administration at national, regional and global scale. policies related to them. In this context, it is our main objective to meet the demands of lifelong learning and career development by creating the necessary physical and hardware infrastructure and academic environment and preparing our students for business and graduate education.

Language of Program :

The language of the Political Science and Public Administration program is Turkish.

Definition of Program :

The Political Science and Public Administration undergraduate program is designed to provide students with an understanding of the ever-changing world from an international perspective with its political, social and economic dimensions. The program encompasses a wide range from macro-level power relations to micro-reflections of power in everyday life. Political Science and Public Administration have focused on critical analysis of political and managerial issues as two closely related disciplines. The discipline of Political Science examines the processes in which resources and values ​​are distributed and discussed in a political system. On the one hand, concepts such as power, legitimacy, social class, nation on the other hand, state, government, political parties, emphasizes the formation of international organizations. The main point of interest of the Public Administration discipline is the processes in which public decisions and policies are made and implemented in an administrative system, especially in the state. In addition to the core courses offered, the program adopts an interdisciplinary approach and offers a rich framework of different disciplines (law, economics, history, sociology, philosophy, cultural studies, etc.).

Admission and Registration Requirements :

It is enough for Turkish students who have completed high school and equivalent education to get enough points from the Undergraduate Placement Exam and to win our department.Students who register to our department are exempted from the Foreign Language courses in our Faculty in the event that they pass the foreign language proficiency exam according to their wishes.Foreign students are admitted to our department in accordance with the provisions of the decision of the Selcuk University Senate dated 18/01/2013 and numbered 2013/1.The relevant Senate decision can be accessed at the following link.http: //www.selcuk.edu.tr/dosyalar/files/102/onl_lis_yurtdisi.pdf "

Recognition of Previous Education :

Recognition of prior learning in Turkish higher education institutions is at an early stage. Therefore, the recognition of prior learning in our program has not yet started.

Graduation Requirements :

The duration of Political Science and Public Administration education is 4 years excluding the foreign language preparatory class. In order for a student to graduate from the public administration program, he / she must have taken and succeeded the courses required for graduation in the program, successfully completed the projects and similar studies and the graduation weighted grade point average must be at least 2.00. Students who successfully complete the program are entitled to receive a Bachelor's Degree from Selçuk University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

Students' success, written and oral exams and assignments given during the semester are evaluated within the scope of seminars.The students who get one of the grades AA, BA, BB, CB, CC from a course are considered successful. DC, DD grade students from one period to be successful in these courses / year of GPA should be 2:00.Otherwise they will repeat these lessons.

Employment Oppurtunities :

Graduates of Political Science and Public Administration have the opportunity to be employed in many fields. The knowledge and equipment required for the occupations in the public sector requires a bachelor's degree in public administration. Graduates of our department can find career opportunities in many different fields in public and private sectors. Various departments of ministries and local governments such as Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Development, public institutions, financial institutions, banks and the media can work as middle and senior managers in public and private institutions. In addition, students who have completed their undergraduate studies in public administration have the opportunity to pursue academic careers in public administration or similar fields.

Access to Further Studies :

Students who have completed their undergraduate education in our department may apply for graduate education in public administration and similar fields. Selcuk University Institute of Social Sciences within the Department of Public Administration with Master's and Doctoral programs with thesis are carried out. In addition, the Department of Public Administration has two non-thesis programs in the fields of "Public Administration" and "Political Science and Public Administration".