Head of Department : Lecturer Abdullah Erden

Erasmus Coordinator : Lecturer Abdullah Erden

Farabi Coordinator : Lecturer Abdullah Erden

Mevlana Coordinator : Lecturer Abdullah Erden

ECTS Coordinator : Lecturer Abdullah Erden

Vision :

Changing conditions in todays customer-oriented policies, the spread of call center services leads to rise to the forefront of the industry. Equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet the requirements of changing and developing a business, an expert in the use of computers, ability to convince, strong communication skills effective and articulate speaking skills aims to train highly skilled labor.

Mission :

 In the field of call center services to be the preferred program for students who want to develop yourself. Students armed with scientific knowledge in their field, the technology caught up, dynamic, contemporary, researcher-minded, self-confident individuals by allowing them to grow up as being a pioneering school program which aims to provide society and business life.

Purpose :

The purpose of the program to contribute to the development of the call center industry in Turkey is growing rapidly, activity and the necessary experience gained to expand the area of influence, persuasive communication skills to train a highly qualified workforce. Call center services program of the first and second academic programs are available. Due to the acteristics of graduate students the programs largest employment areas, mainly in Call Centers. Also students who will Graduate from this program, they can work in public institutions.

Language of Program :

The Language Of Education Is Turkish.

Definition of Program :

Call center services associate degree program, under the Department of administrative services office services and ed four semester program. The program within the School of Social Sciences in the year 2014-2015, under the Department of office and secretarial services was ed.

Admission and Registration Requirements :

in our country, for entry into universities by the student ion and placement center (OSYM) is required to be successful in the exam conducted by. Students according to their exam scores, the student ion and placement center can enter the program by editing the Preferences, preferred forms will send. All references to OSYM receives the reference order from Highest to lowest the scores of groups according to the type of points, preferred points lists all the available programs and students according to the type of programs it into one of their preferred places. The ion of students who will attend foreign universities in our country, foreign student examination (YÖS) is possible within a certain quota according to results of a central test called. Required documents for registration: 1 - high school diploma or equivalent, 2 - The certificate is issued by osym won.

Recognition of Previous Education :

In Turkish Higher Education Institutions, recognition of the prior learning is at the ning level. An exemption exam for English courses is held at the ning of academic year. Students,who get the expected learning outcomes, have the chance of attending exams. The students who pass the exam are exempted from that course both in Fall and Spring term.

Graduation Requirements :

The program is available (total 120 ECTS) students who have successfully completed all courses and at least a 2.0 GPA of 4.00 diploma in the field of call center services.

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

Register on pre-determined dates in the academic calendar and the final examination each student in order to enter the classes at least % of applications 70ine at least 80% must have attended. Students for each course at least 1 exam and a final exam Dec. Success grade contribution of Dec exams 40%, final exam scores 60% of the form. All exams are evaluated over 100 points. One course (AA),(BA),(BB),(CB) and (cc) are considered successful from that course students who receive one of the letter grades. (DC) and (dd) are conditional grades. Students (dd) in a course must be at least 2.0 overall grade point average to succeed in the course.

Employment Oppurtunities :

Call center services students who have graduated from the program based on the competencies they have earned in call centers can work in all public and private sector institutions and organizations. To facilitate the development of the call center industry in Turkey is growing rapidly, activity and the necessary experience gained to expand the area of influence, ability to persuade, with strong communication skills a highly skilled labor force is needed.

Access to Further Studies :

Upon successful completion of undergraduate studies, students are by passing the vertical transfer exam, the student ion and placement center placed in appropriate degree programs can switch to vertical one in an undergraduate program. Public Relations, Public Relations and Advertising, Public Relations and publicity, Communication, communication Arts, communication Sciences, Human Resources Management, Business Administration, Business Information Management, logistics management, media and communication systems media and communication, advertising and public relations, New Media, Management Information Systems, graduates are also direct to the relevant sections of public instruction can make the transition to the vertical.