About :

Selcuk University Ornamental Stone Application and Research Center was established in 2016 in line with the purpose of maintaining the theoretical and practical studies of the researches in the field of workable stones and surrealism, providing training, finding solutions to problems, providing consultancy services, and conducting scientific and technical studies and meetings.

The activity areas of the Center are as follows:

  • To carry out technical and scientific researches needed in projects related to workable stones and gemstone processing within and outside the university, to make production and training and to advise on these issues,
  • To cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations for research and application in the fields related to machinable stones and gemstone processing,
  • To plan scientific and technological researches to help development and development of region and country,
  • To organize national and international congresses, conferences, exhibitions and courses suitable for the purpose,
  • To educate the people and give technical support.

Mission :

To produce information in the field of ornamental stones, to adapt them to jewelry and small object designs, to give applications / trainings to integrate and spread.

Vision :

In the related field;creating new opportunities in practice, education and research, at the micro level the city of Konya, macro level of the country with different institutions and organizations related to the field by creating links to the sector with leading education and activities, to provide guidance to industrial organizations through application / training support, and to undertake a role in emphasizing the importance of research and analysis in solving problems.