Head of Department : Lecturer Memiş KARAER

Erasmus Coordinator : Lecturer Sevilay KONYA

Farabi Coordinator : Lecturer Ali İhsan DANIŞMAN

Mevlana Coordinator : Lecturer Gökhan BİLİCİ

ECTS Coordinator : Lecturer Memiş KARAER

About :

ABOUT: Our vocational high school starts education and training with Beekeeping Programme in 1994. Map and Cadastre, Mechical Design and Construction s in 1995. At the end of the 2005-2006 academic year spring split our school for reasons such as lack of physical Selçuk University and the proposal is covered by the decision of the Board of Higher Educational. Our vocational high school in 2011 by the decision of the University Senate and the subsequent decision dated 25.05.2011 of the Board of Higher Education Map and Cadastre, Foreign Trade Programs with quotas was reapend for 30 students. In 2012 by the decision of the Higher Education Council for Occupational Safety and Worker Health (pupil) was ed. ... 

MISION: 1. Giving the youngs in our country and region the opportunity to study, to a culture of contemporary education as researchers producing in the universal nature of knowlwdge and technology, participatory, collaborative, authentic and aesthetic values and to train individuals as a professional savvy respectful for social values. 2. To make the education tem permanent, which educates individuals having to date information and global perspective, the cultural knowlwdge, research and advanced problem. Solving ağabeylity, adopting principles and reforms of Atatürk, believing in the rule of law, becoming an example and patriotic to environment and society. 3. To train and prepare qualified vocational staff and middle and senior management candidates armed with the knowledge and required by the age for life in the best way. 4. As an educational institution, beside using educational and traing methods and opportunities and providing the most comprehensive and high quality vocational training, continuously innovationg, polinting the way around by following the developments, producing projects, giving guidence and pioncering, to reveal the approach and understanding of contributing to the economic and social development of the society. 5. Beyond the expectations of institutions and organizations, to educate responsible individuals to offer effective and efficient service based on knowledge and technology. 6. İn paralel with technological developments, to give our students the academic knowledge, produce, implement and disseminate information. 7. To educate superior entrepreneurial, innovative, professional search element, in the public and the private sector of our country to meet the needs of entrepreneurial and high quality human resources to ensure the completion of the space needed in this area. 8. To keep in touch with itd graduates and enable emisting students to benefit from their past graduation experience and knowledge. 9. To contribute to the development of the region on the scientific and cultural aspects. 10. To provide the teaching staff to renew and develop themselves. ... 

Vision :

Aims to train qualified personnel for the growing needs of the financial sector workforce. 

Mission :

Our mision is aimed to respond to the human resources that needs of the sector with qualified individuals our bringing up, adding value to life by working at the international level, aiming to produce information, to become a vocational school that contribute to our region and our countrys social, economic and cultural development. 

Purpose :

Money and capital markets operating in the Bank, insurance company, brokerage, leasing, factoring companies and public institutions with the field have adopted all the relevant concepts and principles, the industry needs a high level of qualification, knowledge, all financial operations with banking and insurance operations will be able to ute professional information effectively and human communication skills, may be active in the sector is to educate professional elements. 

Language of Program :


Definition of Program :

To work in banking and insurance sector that involving great place in the financial system of our country, will train qualified Vocational Element is banking and insurance program, undergraduate level, two-year term, theoretical and practical teaching based on the business application. 

Admission and Registration Requirements :

Banking and Insurance Program admission to first year students, is made by the Student Selection and Placement Center organized by the ion and placement results. The first recording of the students admitted to the program, Student Affairs Presidency and refurbishments done in the days determined by the approval. For the finalization of the registration of the students admitted to the University must fulfill the conditions set out below. a) to submit a high school or equivalent diploma or official document showing that graduated from a school, b) health status and not disabled from military service or other aspects. Accepted and those who have provided the above conditions, the Student Affairs Department by providing other required documents and determined the fees and ges are made precise records on payments. Students who register in the first semester of university course registration process is done directly by the Student Affairs Department. 

Recognition of Previous Education :

Students who enroll in our university, before they can claim the exemption from the courses they have accomplished their course of study in higher education institutions. For this, the tran and course contents to the relevant department in the first week of the year, their registration must submit a petition. 

Graduation Requirements :

Completion of the total of 120 ECTS at the end of two years, the average graduation and be at least 2.0 is required to complete the 30 days compulsory training. 

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

 Some 70% of the theoretical minimum to enter to make registration at the ning of the semester and the final exam courses over the Internet, while the practical lessons to be continued to at least 80% is required. Students at least one exam for each course and are subject to a general examination. Success grade, midterm exam (a part of the midterm grade homework, scores obtained from measuring instruments, such as the application can also be added) contributed 40%, while the contribution of the general exam is 60%. All exams are evaluated over 100 points. A student AA, BA, BB, CB and CC fields one of the considered successful in that course. DC, DD of one of the students to be successful from the course of the period / year should be 2.00 GPA. 

Employment Oppurtunities :

The graduates of Banking and Insurance Program can get a job in public and private banks, financial institutions, accounting companies, accounting departments of the companies that are in various sectors and center of information Technologies. The graduates that wants to be an insurer can work in public and private institutions that have insurance business. Moreover they can also set up their own business. 

Access to Further Studies :

Candidates who complete the associate degree, determined by SSPC SSPC performed by entering the Vertical Jump Test can apply to undergraduate programs.