About :

Our school was established as Selcuk University School of Tourism and Hotel Management with the decision of the Council of Ministers numbered as 2009/15381 published in the Official Gazette dated 05.09.2009 and numbered as 27340. In  2010-2011 Academic Year, 97 students were admitted to the Department of Hospitality Management. On 16.05.2013, with the decision of Council of Ministers numbered as 2013/4686 published in the Official Gazette numbered  as 28649, the school was closed and  Selcuk University Tourism Faculty was established. Four departments, Tourism Management, Travel Management and Tourism Guidance, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts and Recreation Management were opened within the faculty. Students are accepted to the departments of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Tourism Management and Travel Management and Tourism Guidance. The education period of our faculty is 4 years. In our faculty, courses are given as theoretical and practical and practical teaching (internship) is compulsory. In addition, our graduates can apply for exams and jobs to public institutions such as  Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and to private sector (Higher Education Council, Education and Training Department, Subject / Decision: Tourism Management Equivalence of the Departments under the Schools / Faculties, Date: 06.02.2015, Issue: 75850160-303.01.01 / 6756).

Aims of our faculty are to gain and develop knowledge and skills to students  that will lead their own profession, to transfer the acquired knowledge and skills to the business life in the most appropriate way, with this knowledge and skills, to make better analysis and decision on management issues of national and international enterprises in accordance with their strategic and competitive needs, to make decisions on issues related to tourism, to produce strategies and policies, to to know and perceive the tourism sector and its environment more closely, to contribute to the development of tourism awareness of the society, to follow the current developments and trends related to  accomodation, travel food and beverage and entertainment businesses which are sub-industries of tourism sector and to enable students to learn the regional, national and international projects needed by the sector.

If the other aims of our faculty are listed, to provide the analytical training needed by the tourism sector in terms of staff,  to make graduates successful in professional life, to contribute to the increase of service quality by providing qualified staff and managers to tourism enterprises, to cooperate with tourism sector,  to train qualified scientists to the academy (graduate, academic staff) and to carry out studies in accordance with the basic policies of our university.

Mission :

* To contribute to the social and economic development through scientific research,

* To train entrepreneurial and qualified tourism professionals,

* To increase preferability at local, national and international level,

* To be a reputable institution that provides national and international accreditation that improves quality in undergraduate , graduate and postgraduate education,

* Generating multifaceted and widespread added value by producing intensive interaction and cooperation with relevant stakeholders.

Vision :

* To train innovative, competitive, entrepreneurial and professional leaders and members in tourism sector

* To be a pioneer in scientific studies and projects for tourism sector,

* To be a reference / cult for tourism sector with education, tourism, social and cultural programs in accordance with global developments.

* To provide human resources that can contribute to tourism, economic, social and cultural development of the region.