Head of Department : Assoc. Prof. Dr. F. Atıl BİLGE

Erasmus Coordinator : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alper ATEŞ

Farabi Coordinator : Lec. Dr. Münevver ÇİÇEKDAĞI

Mevlana Coordinator : Prof. Dr. Abdullah KARAMAN

ECTS Coordinator : Assist. Prof. Dr. Alaattin BAŞODA

Vision :

To train ladies and gentilmen who share the universal human values with team spirit by living for the tourism sector. Being an elit university depatment in the country and around the world. 

Mission :

Providing the universal level of scientific knowledge production, sharing and teaching. Comprehend the people and their processes involved in the relationship between tourism. Conducting partnersip in business ideas, projects and scientific studies with travel management stakeholders. To offer information technologies and innovative approaches for the service of humanity together with the departman members and students. To make processes democratic for service providers and for those who use the service. 

Purpose :

The purpose of the Travel Management and Tourism Guidance program is to train staff to work in the field of providing services to tourists, facilities management and travel services. 

Language of Program :


Definition of Program :

Bachelors degree programme consist of mid-term semester courses. A midterm, a final and a make-up examination are applied in each semester. 30-day internship is required in 2nd and 3rd grades

Admission and Registration Requirements :

The students are accepted according to the type of score which have YGS-6 Turkish Mathematics (TM) from the central placement exam. 

Recognition of Previous Education :

The faculty recognizes the high schools and equivalant schools in the two levels systems. 

Graduation Requirements :

To take and succeed the courses, to complete an internship, be at least a 2.00 grade point average and must complete 240 ECTS. 

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

Measurement and evaluation is carried out according to Selcuk University exam regulations. 

Employment Oppurtunities :

Students who graduate from this program work in travel agencies, booking, operations, ticketing, accounting and etc. departments various positions of the ground and can work as a manager in airlines, tourism bureau, as can be served in their areas related to individual independent tour operators and they can travel agents. 

Access to Further Studies :

The undergraduates can study for master degree and doctorate on tourism and business sciences.