About :

Selçuk University was founded on 12 January 1989 Turkish Folk Culture Research Center is one of the university's first practice and research. Law No. 7 of 2547 Paragraph (d) of sub-paragraph 2 of paragraph Center was established on the basis of its statute, which began publication in the Official Gazette dated 11.10.1989 was formalized activities. We can show that chief areas of activity of our Center as follow:

a) Voice and text to archive of folk culture

b) Formed by the Presidency books which are purchased and donated and newly purchased books provide enrichment of library expertise.

c) scientist and related students of this area are provided for make use of the library.

Mission :

To contribute to the Turkish culture and to serve.

Vision :

Yields of Turkish folklore are compiled and then archived, contribute to the national culture is provided, as well as scientific assessments done is d a healthy working environment, so the cultural treasures of the surface.