About :

Selcuk University International Migration and Diaspora Research Center, has started its work in 2017, especially migrants and diaspora activities in Turkey, is looking for examining the world in general diaspora activities and immigrants with a scientific perspective the problems in the countries where they settled and politically. It is an applied research center aiming to propose legal and social solutions.

Mission :

To conduct scientific research, practice, training and documentation studies within the scope of social, political, economic and cultural dimensions of international migration and diaspora movements especially in our country, to dialogues between different researchers, policy makers, international organizations and non-overnmental organizations, international migration and develop diaspora researches and produce permanent and constructive solutions to problems in this area.

Vision :

Our center aims to be a center for educating experts and qualified human resources in the field of migration, immigration, refugee, asylum, diaspora activities, scientific and academic studies to be conducted, reports to be published by all researchers and policy makers in the international area.