About :

Renewable and Clean Energy Application and Research Center of Selcuk University was established with the aim of initiating and conducting multi-disciplinary studies in the field of energy. The main objectives of the Center are to determine research priorities related to renewable and clean energy, to develop and propose necessary policies and strategies, and to carry out the necessary studies to implement the developed policies and strategies. In addition, we aim to attract the attention of institutions and organizations, academic staff and students at our university to renewable and clean energy resources and to raise awareness about the importance of renewable and clean energy in different segments of the society.

Assoc. Prof.  A. Engin ÖZÇELİK

Mission :

To ensure that the potential of our country and region in the field of renewable and clean energy is evaluated and to initiate initiatives to activate the dynamics of the region for this purpose. To encourage academic staff, industrialists, public institutions, undergraduate and graduate students to do R & D studies on renewable, clean and conventional energy, covering priority areas in the world, Turkey and Konya region. S. on energyFinish. BAP, TÜBITAK, DPT, SANTEZ, TTGV, KOSGEB, European Union, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and livestock, Mevlana development agencies, such as the development of projects that can provide widespread impact to society and the country's economy is helping to develop and present. To organize activities to raise awareness of producers and consumers about the efficient use of energy and its effects on the environment. To realize projects that will contribute to strengthening the infrastructure that will be used in energy applications and various tests at Selcuk University. Selcuk University renewable and Clean Energy Research and Application Center, with the aim of effectively evaluating renewable and clean energy sources and increasing renewable and clean energy production - Selcuk University energy research activities to be carried out in accordance with the needs of our country and industry to determine the topics, multidisciplinary research and development studies to start and conduct, our country and our region's qualified human resources in the field of energy technologies to meet the educational courses and certificate programs organized, our country and our region to contribute to the, it will undertake the mission of establishing collaborations on energy between research institutions, public institutions, private sector organizations and NGOs. Selcuk University renewable and clean energy research and Application Center, Selcuk University renewable and clean energy-related research in priority areas identifying priorities for single-and multi-disciplinary basic and applied research studies to be initiated in the field of renewable and clean energy that will allow the development of required regional and nationwide policies and strategies developed will carry out the work necessary for the implementation of policies and strategies, manufacturing and service sector organizations and academic staff and students of our university to attract the attention of renewable and clean sources of energy, in different parts of the community will contribute to the creation of awareness about the importance of renewable and clean energy. Selcuk University renewable and clean energy research and Application Center, Selcuk University Selcuk University established within academic units and within the University Technology Development Zone (Konya Teknokent), Selçuk University advanced technology research and Application Center, Selçuk University natural and Applied Sciences Institute initiated within the Department of Mechanical Engineering Energy Systems Engineering graduate program, working in conjunction with, it is expected to be instrumental in the creation of a regional university-industry-public cooperation on renewable and clean energy..