He was born in 1909 in Akören. His father was Nuri Rahmi's mother. After he finished primary school in Akören, he graduated from Bornova School of Agriculture in 1927. He worked in İzmir Agriculture Department and Çumra Irrigation Administration. In 1935, Ali Rıza ERCAN was married to Meliha Hanım and her children Latife, Nurullah and Orhan Latif were born. He resigned from Çumra Irrigation Administration in 1943 and started his free business life. In 1948 he joined the Democratic Party. In 1950, the deputy; In 1952 he was elected President of Turkey Chambers of Agriculture. After 1952, he returned to agriculture. He died in 1987 after a surgery for the treatment of his diabetes. God rest the soul…

Our school building,dormitory building and his new school building which was completed in 2002 was built by his son Nurullah ERCAN in memory of his father's .

ERCAN family will be remembered as eternal by Akören Ali Rıza Ercan Vocational School students and members.