He was born in 1936 in Akşehir, Konya. He began his career as an officer in Aksehir Palas Hotel in Eminonu, Istanbul in 1950, but worked as a tailor apprentice at the request of his father.

    He fulfilled his military duty between 1956-1958. However, he couldn't stay away from hotel management so he returned to the sector.

    In 1958, she married her partner Mr. Mualla YALLAGÖZ. He had two sons. During this time, the love of independent business in tourism was triggered. Kadir YALLAGÖZ, entering the tourism sector with its Akşehir Palas Hotel, has moved towards new investments with its confident steps in its stable and successful business life. He continued his business life with his two sons, Mr. İlker YALLAGÖZ and Mr. Taner YALLAGÖZ, with his visionary perspective and unity in power by pioneering many firsts in the historical peninsula in Istanbul.

    In 1971, with the Hotel Management service, which was started with the Olympic Hotel, the choice of domestic guests continued in the sector.

    In 1981, he became a partner of Erkaya Otomotiv AS for Ford dealership. At the same time, this initiative was the first step in the investment of the automotive sector in the future.

    Kadir YALLAGÖZ, started his career in the hotel with the olympics Hotel, the second family in 1985 with the active participation of the management continued.

    Romance Hotel in 1996 with attractive and elegant structure,

    Yaşmak Sultan Hotel, known as the Sultan of the Group in 1998,

    In 2010, the group's newest and special themed hotel, Hotel Sultania, was offered to the guests,

    In 2010, with the partnership of Doğan Group, Automall Oto Galericiler Sitesi & Mall City Residance, which is a brand new project, is proud of its existence and reputation in business life.

   Graduated from Koç University Department of Business Administration, having an education in Tourism Management in the USA and working as an active employee in the family from the 3rd Generation. Having a total of four beautiful grandchildren in the classroom, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of YAŞMAK HOTELS, Mr. Kadir YALLAGÖZ, built his construction in 2009 and made the presence of AKŞEHİR KADİR YALLAGÖZ HEALTH INSTITUTE that he gave to the Akşehir residents as well as the exemplary initiatives in the field of social responsibility with the scholarship he gave to many students each year. Kadir YALLAGÖZ died in Istanbul in 2011.