In antiquity the region in which Beysehir lake is, called by the name of Pisidia was a name of a city which was also called Karallia. Then ruined Karallia has received the name Viransehir.  In the first half of the thirteenth century,In the the age of Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat , probably a little while before 1240, it was re-established by the Turkmen whom was created  by the majority of the Ucoklar 's. Beginning from Esrefogullari period, Viransehir name has been Suleymansehir.Due to being the center of the principality,  the city is referred to as gentlemen with the passing time. Therefore it  takes Beysehir name. The name of Beysehir has a legendary story.According to this;

Seydi Harun Veli who was located in Trogitis,had mosque which is called with his name now built.Esrefoglu Mehmet Bey supplies aid to him in the mall.  After the events makes them friends.While Esrefoglu named Trogitis to Seydisehir,Seyyid Harun Veli named Suleymansehir to Beysehir.

Probably  the history of Beysehir and the environment  dates back to over the years 7000 BC. In the area, it is the case of the presence of artifacts belonging to  the Old Stone age and the Middle.But rather Polished stone age findings concentrates.  Researches revelaed the fact that Beysehir was an important residential area in that period.The remains of Erbaba Mound dating back to  BC 5700-BC 5300 is the most concrete indicator of this.The excavations in the mound near the Kıstıfan village was made by Canadian scientists the couple of Jacgues ve Louisse Alpes Bordaz. After Miryokefalon Victory that The Seljuks won over against  the Byzantine army in 1176,it was finalized that Anatolia’s being Turkish territory and Beysehir environment has been dominated by the Turkmen.  Beysehir and the surrounding merged  under the Seljuk dominance field after 1075.  In the 13th century, the dominance came to the final decision stage.

Turkmen raids in Western Anatolia leads  yuhannes to make an expedition in 1120.At the end of this expedition Uluborlu and  Beyşehir Lake neighbourhood  goes into command  Byzantine rule. At this point,the Turkish and non-muslim indigenous people's a strong  bridge of communication established.  In anatolia conquest movements starting after 1071 ascends around  Beysehir  in the second quarter of the 12th century and  in this period, the region came under the rule of Turkey. The ottomans tried to take the principalities they want to seize primarily without  the conflict through dialogue. Carrying out this policy is successfully a large extent of the Ottoman empire in Anatolia, the most serious opponent of the Land has been the Karamanogulları.It must be the cause of this,Beysehir passed into these governments often.Then, with complete disappearance of Karamanoğulları, Beysehir also get ting rid of changing hand between Karamanogulları and Ottomans,merged into Ottoman State.



Located in the Lakes Region of the Mediterranean Region Beysehir, takes place at an important transit point . On the south end of the time of receipt of the base, the distance of the Mediterranean sea is around 65 km.   A set of the parable of the Taurus mountains, the region has been allocated from the Mediterranean.

 It is surrounded by Konya in the East, in the north Doğanhisar , Huyuk and Ilgın,from the northeast Derbent, from the northwest ;Sarkiaraagac and Egirdir,in the west Yenisarbademli,from the southwest Sutculer,in the South Derebucak and from the southeast Seydisehir.



The area around the lake 20.02.1993 as of the date of the statute of the National Park is taken and  the area of the national park field is 88750 hectares.

It is100-140 km away from the Gulf of Antalya.It stores The lake water between the codes 115-1125. Maximum goals in the code on the surface reaches 800 km2, and store of water 6 million m3 .  The lake has an altitude of 1116 m.Width of it is 10-25 km north-west and 42 km southeast direction of the dimension.Having sweet water,it has a feature of natural lake. With Manavgat River underground  it reaches to the Mediterranean. More from the rain water flowing from taurus mountains and rivers, groundwater resources forms majority of its income.  Beysehir lake in turkey, in terms of the area covered is also the 3rd largest fresh water lake. According to water level (1121-1125 m) 615 ils 745 km2 in area.


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