The Emergency Disaster Community started its activities in the fall semester of 2019-2020 by the students of the Department of Emergency and Disaster Management. Emergency Disaster Community is affiliated to the Rectorate of Selçuk University and operates under the supervision of Student Communities Coordinator.

Purpose of the community:

Natural Disasters and Rescue trainings,
Encouragement and vaccination for group activities,
Understanding the importance of Humanitarian Aid,
Development of Social Activity,
Providing assistance trainings to those in disasters and extreme sports and establishing dialogue with the necessary authorities at this stage.

Community Membership:
Every student registered to Selçuk University can become a member of our community. The acceptance of the students who accept the Community directive and meet the conditions of membership becomes definite by the decision of the board of directors and recorded in the member registry.

Community Akdemik Advisor:

Res. See. Kemal BAŞ 0332 512 1881-8925

Head of Community:

Lutfi KARAKAŞ 0 543 268 94 33