ULAKBİM access speed of the university in 1300 Mbit / sec is removed. Ulakbim with our existing infrastructure to accelerate the pace of work as a result made 1500 Mbit / s level was initiated to raise the appropriate and necessary infrastructure work. In mid-2016, this speed is 1500 Mbit / s level will be increased. In this way, our university will be the beginning of the university infrastructure with the fastest internet out in other universities.

precautions for the protection system against internal and external intervention is taken.

The University's main campus in wireless infrastructure system based on a central building control circuit activated units of our university began to use the wireless network in a seamless manner. In addition, use of the Internet in order for visitors to the staff and students from other universities eduroam wireless network transmission services are also commissioned.

All access to the district's metro ethernet network on campus is provided without interruption. All of our Vocational School in the district are provided for quick access to the internet via metro Ethernet.

A first in our university in Turkey - Ulakbim - Metropolitan Municipality Presidency Building in central Konya Campus in cooperation with the Education Campus, Selcuk Medical Campus is provided infrastructure, fiber optic cables pulling 10Gbit connection from the central campus of the building. So for our internet fees paid Telekom this unit has disappeared.

Ulakbim- University collaboration with the Information Technology Department within Ulakbim Internet POP has been created and our city located Necmettin Erbakan University, Mevlana University and Karatay University of Agriculture and Food came to the fiber optic cable central campus of the University of internet outlets presidency we are providing access to the internet via POP in-house.

With the arrival of Konya High Speed ​​Train service Butre on the Ankara-Konya line between fiber optic cabling and the backbone of our university Ulakbim is necessary initiatives started directly connected to the project, the process is followed. Thus, it is planned to be increased to at least 10 Gbit level of university internet speed.

In addition to about 7 km to the system already taken more fiber and additional infrastructure are considered the building and was completed on campus. The infrastructure of the building is thought to have been made in the area already underway.

Campus units of Internet infrastructure from 10Gbit / sec increased to the level and go to work also continues on the entire university area of ​​secure Internet infrastructure.

Presidency examined the infrastructure of the Internet and networking of all units connected to the university within the project of building work to be completed and the deficiencies and renewal are given the necessary information to the President and unit management.

Opens new building of the Education and Training completed infrastructure and networks and the Internet has become work.