Petitions for Students

BMYO_FRM01 New Registration Form 

BMYO_FRM02 Adding Lessons

BMYO_FRM03 Course Exemption Petition

BMYO_FRM04 Additional Exam

BMYO_FRM05 APPENDIX1 Article Transfer Request

BMYO_FRM06 Erasmus Application Petition

BMYO_FRM07 Erasmus Course

BMYO_FRM08 Mortgage Refund Petition

BMYO_FRM09 The Lost Diploma Request

BMYO_FRM10 Missing Identity Petition

BMYO_FRM11 Registration Freedom Request

BMYO_FRM12 Training Request Form

BMYO_FRM13 Training Participation Form

BMYO_FRM14 Training Evaluation Form

BMYO_FRM15 Excuse Course Registration

BMYO_FRM16 The Right to Excuse Exam

BMYO_FRM17 Graduation Petition Form

BMYO_FRM18 Single Lesson Petition

BMYO_FRM19 Horizontal Transfer Request

BMYO_FRM21 Deleting a Record at Your Own Request

BMYO_FRM22 Request to Erase Records at Your Request (E-STATE)

BMYO_FRM23 Material Error Request

BMYO_FRM24 Student Request and Suggestion Form

BMYO_FRM25 Amnesty Law Petition

BMYO_FRM31 Internship Application Form (30 Days)

BMYO_FRM43 Unemployment Fund Contribution to Internship Fees Information Form

BMYO_FRM44_Maddi Error Request Form

BMYO_FRM45_Appeal Form Not Appealed Form

BMYO_FRM46 Internship Application Form (60 Days)


Petitions for Academicians

BMYO_FRM20 Toilet Sink Cleaning Plan and Follow-up Form

BMYO_FRM26 Course Breakdown Form

BMYO_FRM27 Corporate Information Activity Form

BMYO_FRM28 Corrective Action Form

BMYO_FRM29 Risk Analysis Form

BMYO_FRM30 Satisfaction Survey Result Evaluation Form

BMYO_FRM32 Examination Paper Delivery Form

BMYO_FRM33 School Satisfaction Survey Form

BMYO_FRM34 Staff Satisfaction Survey Form

BMYO_FRM35 Activity Editing Form

BMYO_FRM36 Material Request Form

BMYO_FRM37 Internship Evaluation Result Form

BMYO_FRM38 Class Representative Selection

BMYO_FRM39 YGG Risk and Opportunities Determination Meeting Record Form

BMYO_FRM40 Internal Audit Report Form

BMYO_FRM41 Exam Attendance Form Form

BMYO_FRM42 Remedial Activity Form

BMYO_FRM47 Course Compensation Form