Dear Students,  
Since its date of establishment, Cihanbeyli Vocational School has been continuing its education and training as a professional, self-sacrificing and intended vocational school in accordance with the Vision, Mission and Main Objectives of Selçuk University. University education is not only a place where students learn basic and professional knowledge, but also students are prepared for life better. It is our fundamental duty do the best for your pursue this race successfully while in globalizing world where the competition is increasing rapidly and science, knowledge and technology become prominent these days. In this regard, I believe that our vocational school will grow innovative and competitive individuals who add value to their occupation and knowledge for country and humanity.

  As a Vocational School: We continue our educational activities in order to educate skilled and entrepreneurial personnel who have knowledge, skills and well equipped that required by contemporary civilization, who can adapt to the innovations in their own field and can meet the increasing information needs of the society in other respects  can meet the demands of the business world.

Our Vocational School has targeted the education and training in order to get practice skills of graduates with high quality standards, become popular both regional and national level, in cooperation with the business world, producing effective solutions to meet the needs of the future qualified labor force, encouraging team work and open to communication and innovation.

I would like to congratulate all our staff, and wish our students success. Best regards.

 Prof. Dr. Murat CİNİVİZ