Selcuk University Faculty of Pharmacy


Selcuk University Faculty of Pharmacy, both in the development of research and production culture in the region, as well as the country

The Company aims to contribute to the production of qualified, cultured, well-equipped and innovative researchers in the pharmaceutical production sector which has a great contribution to its economy.


           Selcuk University Faculty of Pharmacy;


(i) The theoretical and practical education curricula to be given at the faculty / departments of the faculty at international level,


(ii) Applied courses are to be carried out in accredited, highly equipped and safe laboratories through real samples,


(iii) An effective education, in which contemporary teaching and training methods are used, made sustainable with a scientific and technological infrastructure and deepening of certain subjects,


The field of activity shows a wide range of Education and Practice-Research studies are planned.


Considering its contribution to Education, Research and Production in detail; Some of the main goals of the Faculty of Pharmacy are:


- Innovative and entrepreneurial Being an international education and research center


- To create a sustainable structure that will contribute to production within the framework of university-industry cooperation,


- To prepare the ground for multidisciplinary and efficient national and international studies with the support of science, biology, medicine, biochemistry and biotechnology.


- Opening new horizons to the scientific world, industry and future through projects to be prepared by the researchers whose tasks and responsibilities are well defined and by the application and research centers that will coordinate these projects.


- Developing new products by making use of the supports of international research units (EU projects, COST, etc.) and transforming innovative and valuable ideas into projects.


- Supporting joint studies on making bioactive components in endemic plants, whose inventory has been removed and grown in our region, to be useful and usable,


- To design and develop new drug active substances and to provide adequate contribution to production,


- To create samples within the Faculty of Pharmacy, International Center of Excellence (Pharmacy), which only has the competence and capability to carry out drug design and efficacy studies in some developed countries.


- To train researchers with high entrepreneurial and innovative features at the graduate level who have the knowledge and experience to carry out R & D activities and activities,




Thus, the main purpose of the education in the Faculty; In addition to being an independent pharmacist, they are able to produce new drugs that support R & D, and to become researcher pharmacists with knowledge and experience in the field.


Selcuk University Faculty of Pharmacy,


- A multidisciplinary field of study created by the use of the infrastructure and facilities brought by the fact that we have a university where scientists have knowledge and experience in different fields,


- A unifying institution supporting the R & D activities of many companies in the food, agriculture, livestock and health sectors


- a research and development center supported by units on an international platform;


- It is the first Faculty of Pharmacy with the Center of Pharmaceutical Excellence, where pharmaceutical design and efficiency studies are carried out, which will make great contributions to the scientific and economic development of our region and our country, where the researchers will be trained and new products will be developed to carry Vision 2023 and New Horizons Theme.