2017 Publications

1- Esra Maltas, Ezgi Akceylan, A New Drug Delivery System Based on Magnetic Calixarene Nanoparticles, J. Bionanosci. 11/11 (2017) 330-336.

2- Yavuz Bağcı, Yüksel Kan, Süleyman Doğu, Sadiye Ayşe Çelik. The Essential Oil Compositions of Rosmarinus officinalis L. Cultivated in Konya and Collected from Mersin-Turkey. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, 51/3 (2017) 470-478,


2018 Publications

1- Esra Maltas Cagil, Fatih Ozcan, Seref Ertul, Fabrication of Calixarene Based Protein Scaffold by Electrospin Coating for Tissue Engineering, J. Nanosci. Nanotech.18 / 8 (2018) 5292-5298.

2- Esra Ucar, Yasar Ozyigit, Nuraniye Eruygur, Duygu Guven, Kenan Turgut, Temel Ozek, Nursah Kutuk, The effect of the plant on the nutrient substance and growth period of Stevia (Stevia revaudiana Bertoni) leaves , Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 49/3 (2018) 291-302

3- Mehmet Atas, Nuraniye Eruygur, Esra Ucar, Yasar Ozyigit, Kenan Turgut, The effects of antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bert) Cellular and Molecular Biology 64/2 (2018)