In our department, also in cooperation with other organizations outside in Turkey and abroad, under the following main headings, both experimental and theoretical research activities are ongoing.

Quantum Nanostructures (Theoretical)·

Nonlinear Optical Processes

 Bose-Einstein Concentration (Theoretical)

Properties of 2-DEG in Magnetic Field (Theoretical)

Statistical Multiple Segmentation Model (Theoretical)

High Speed ​​Heavy Ion Collisions (Theoretical)

Dielectric Properties of Materials (Experimental)

Thin Film Solar Cells (Experimental)

Physical Properties of Clays and Clays (Experimental)

Ab-inito Molecular Calculations (Theoretical)

Laser Based Research and Development (R & D) Studies (Experimental)

Simulation of Multi-Particle Systems (Theoretical)

Thermodynamic Properties of Fluids and Mixtures (Theoretical)

Ising Model (Theoretical)

ESR Spectroscopy (Experimental)

Statistical Model Calculations for supernova and stellar substances

Solar Cells

Lithium Ion Batteries