Registration and Admission Requirements


(1) Persons wishing to enroll in the Chemistry Department are required to:

(a) being a high school or high school equivalent vocational school graduate,

(b) registration, faculty, central placement or university diploma,

(c) to bring the documents specified in ÖSYM (Turkish Government, Student Selection, Assessment and Placement Center) for registration,

(d) If the program is granted the right to enroll in the program, it is not registered in the open undergraduate degree program or in the open undergraduate program for the quota limitation in the open education degree program which has a quota limitation.


(2) The original or university approved copy of the required documents is accepted. With regard to the military status and the criminal record, the transaction is made based on the candidate's statement. The registration right code for the university must apply for the registration of the candidates in person. However, the candidates who could not direct the excuses to us personally did so with their attorney's deputies or their legal use.


(3) They can register at the requesting e-government gateway.