Transition to Double Major and Minor Programs


The Double Major Program allows students who are enrolled in any undergraduate program to attend a second degree program. The undergraduate program that the student is registered at the date of application is called lisans major ad, the second undergraduate program to which he applies and is accepted is called lisans double major Öğ. A student must have taken all the courses in the major undergraduate program until the time he applied for the Double Major Program, and must have a minimum GPA of 3.00 at the time of application and must be at the top 20% of the major program in the related class. The departments declare the quota for double major students to be accepted each year.

With the Minor program implemented in our university, it is aimed that the students who successfully carry out a bachelor's degree program in normal and secondary education are informed in a second branch by taking some certain courses from another undergraduate program they are interested in and they are aimed to get a Minor Certificate at the end of the program. In order for a student to apply for a minor program, he / she has taken all the courses up to the semester he / she applied in his / her major program and must have at least 2.50 GPA at the time of application. The departments annually announce which minor programs they open and the student quotas to be accepted for their minor programs.

For detailed information about Double Major and Minor Programs, please visit the Selçuk University Double Major Program Directive.

The Faculty of Science is registered to the undergraduate program of Chemistry. Since 2008, 5 students have successfully completed the double major program and 4 students have successfully completed the minor program.