Güneysınır Vocational School, in order to contribute to the closure of manpower shortage during the 1993-1994 academic "Mapping and Cadastre Program" with the former town hall of the Municipality of Güneysınır began training education. Mapping and Cadastre Program, between 1993-2002 academic year 2002-2003 academic year the building was moved to new premises. 2002-2003 academic year, "Computer Technology and Programming" and "Computer Aided Design" Departments were opened. The new building opened on 03.06.2003. Vocational School of Computer Aided Design Program Çumra Combined with Machine Program were tied to From the academic year 2004-2005. Güneysınır Vocational School Mapping and Cadastre Program (N.Ö.) Mapping and Cadastre Program (BC) and Computer Programming, with in three programs and the education continues about 550 students.