Our quality policy as the management of Selcuk University Hadim Vocational School;

    To educate students who contribute to the social and economic development of the country by presenting the results of assisted learning through academic, scientific and technological research for the benefit of society,

    To provide the faculty who will follow scientific developments and innovations closely with all the facilities of the university,

    To protect the basic aim in universities by trying to provide the autonomy and freedom in the working environments of the instructors who are aware that the information is to be researched, transferred and renewed.

    To support art, sports and cultural activities which are of utmost importance in self-expression and socializing the areas of life,

    Our main aim is to establish the culture of tolerance, participation and democracy in the students with the representation and collective working activities that give very effective results in terms of using rights and freedoms, and to apply research, production, publication and consultancy services with analytical, questioning, contemporary and universal education-teaching criteria. ,

    Our aim is to be always ahead and innovative in the trend of change and development by making continuous improvements in our quality management system which is a sine qua non for achieving our goals.