All documents are written in Turkish.


1-Professional Pratice


3-Food Allowence

4-Students Representative

5-Part Time Working


7-Freeze Registiration




11-Undergraduate Transfer

12-Postpone (Military Service)

13-Objection to Exam Result

14-Make-up Exam

15-Single Course Exam


17- Student Certificate and Transcript

18-Weekly Course Schedule 

19-Updating Course Plans and Contents

20-Assignment for Course

21-Preparing Exam Schedule

22-Specifying Supervisor

23-Defect Repair 

24-Getting Service-Equipment 

25-Business Allowence

26-Billing and Collection

27-Contribution Margin Payment 

28-Academic Consultancy Payment 

29-Portable Equipments Procedure 

30-Taking Day Off (For Academic Personnel)

31-Taking Day Off (For Administrative Personnel)

32-Recruitment Academic Staff 

33-İdari Personel Naklen Geçiş

34-Promotion (For Administrative Personnel)

35-Prolong Incumbency (For Academic Personnel)

36-Establish of Faculty Committee

37-Member Selection for Faculty Committee

38-Discuss the Agenda of Faculty Committee

39-Discuss the Agenda of Faculty Board of Management 

40-Assistant Professor Assignment 


42-Department Chair Assignment 

43-Head of Deparment of  Assignment 


45-Additional Course Fee Payment

46-Exam Fee Payment 

47-Jury Fee Payment 


49-Pay Gap

50-Workers Salary 

51-Clothing Donation for Workers 

52-Bonus Payments for Workers 

53-General Health Insurance Payment

54-Limited Salary Payment 

55- Aid-assitance in case of Death Payment 

56-Special Service Benefits Payment 

57-Chattel Input

58-Chattel Output and Debit 

59-Scraping Chattel 

60-Counting Chattel 

61-Chattel - Management Account

62-Incoming Documents (General) 

63-Outgoing Documents (General)

64-Internal Correspondance 

65-Department Meetings


67-Course Assignments 

68-Prolong Incumbency (for Instructors)

69-Personal Secretry - Date 

70-Personal Secretary - Submitting for Signature 

71-Preparing for Committee Meetings 

72-Announcement of Scientific, Cultural and Social Activities