Our college; Between Ilgın - Konya, on Konya - Afyon Highway (D300), 7 km from Ilgın district center. Away. Transportation between the district center and the Campus Campus is provided by the minibus service that operates mutually.

Ilgın district; It is located on Konya - Afyon Highway (D300). Konya city center is about 80 km away. There is a minibus service between Konya Bus Station and Ilgın Bus Station every 20 minutes.

Ilgın district can be reached by road and at the same time it can be reached by rail as it is located on the railway network of our country.

Ilgın district; The nearest airport is Konya Airport.



Our college students; they can meet their housing needs with the private dormitories in the center of Ilgın district and the state dormitory (Male Dormitory) of Krerdi and Dormitories Institution located in the High School Campus.

Images of the Credit and Dormitories Institution Ilgın Male Student Dormitory located on our campus are given below.