To meet the nutritional and accommodation needs of our students and staff in order to protect their physical and mental health and to make them useful individuals for the society with a quality service. To ensure that they have a broad perspective in social-cultural and sporting areas. To provide services that are worthy of the respectable identity of our university. Our aim is to educate and support individuals who have effective knowledge, self-confidence, national and international representation in the awareness of national values.


To educate generations with a balanced and healthy character in terms of body, mind, morality, spirit and emotion, who are responsible for the society that adopts, protects and develops moral, human and cultural values. Our goal is to be a pioneering institution that contributes to the formation of elite generations in social, cultural, artistic and sporting fields by considering our national priorities by changing and developing together with the young minds it serves while educating innovative individuals who think, question, produce and innovate.