Our school has a wide range of opportunities in terms of social, cultural and sporting opportunities compared to its peers. facilities were prepared. For this purpose, 30 000m2 of landscaping has been completed in the field of 1 normal size 120x80 germination stage has reached the football field, fenced and illuminated; There are 1 28x15m basketball court, 1 18x9m volleyball court, 1 23.78x10.97m tennis court and 1 artificial grass football field completed in 2005-2006. In addition, an area of ​​30 000 sqm in an area of ​​161 000 sqm, which has been taken under protection with walls and fences, has 20 000 sqm grassed and planted with 9 camellias, 60 sqm ornamental pool and seating groups for the students to travel, rest and have fun area.