Student Petition Form
Petition Form for Permission for Survey
Sample Curriculum Vitae (Student)
Petition for Freezing Registration
Intra-School Transfer Petition
Petition for Cancellation of Registration
Application Form to go to universities abroad within the framework of the Erasmus program
Petition for transition from special student status to permanent student status
Application Form for Passport and Travel Abroad
Petititon for Pay Return
Amnesty Document
Disabled Student Form

Petition for exemption from courses done in other instutions before
Petititon for exemption from courses in transition from special student to normal student
Sending students to another university for courses
Appointing academics from other universities to deliver courses
Petition to take another course instead of one failed but not on offer again
Petition to take a scientific preparation course
Petition to take or leave courses

Application form for proficiency examination (Doctorate)
-CoCourse state printout will be added
Minutes of the jury for proficiency examination and Thesis Monitoring Committee (TMC) suggestions form
-Petition to establish a thesis monitoring committee

Seminar Evaluation Form (Master’s)

Petition for the establishment of a thesis monitoring committee (Doctorate)
Thesis monitoring report

Thesis submission petition first application (Master’s - Doctorate)
Corrected Thesis submission petition (Master’s - Doctorate)
Guidebook for thesis writing and prepapration
Minutes of thesis proposal defense (Doctorate)
Thesis proposal petition (Master’s) (Course state printout will be added)
Sample thesis proposals

Thesis defense documents – Graduation petitions
-Thesis survey and evaluation form

Stipends and allowances
Petition for changes in thesis topic (Master’s - Doctorate)

Term Project survey and evaluation form (non-thesis master’s evening program)

Documents required for thesis Master’s graduation
-Area of expertise course evaluation form

Non-Thesis Master’s Evening Program
Term Project survey and evaluation form (non-thesis master’s evening program)
Project Proposal Petition

Military Service
Petition to postpone conscription
Demobilization Document Petition
Petition for cancellation of postponement of conscription

Academic Staff
Vacancy notice petition
Petition for a new course proposal
Program opening criteria (Master’s-Doctorate)
Sample Curriculum Vitae (for academics)