Biomedical engineers are responsible for the technical operation and maintenance-repair of mechanical, electronic devices and systems used in diagnosis and treatment of hospitals. In addition, biomedical engineers can work in the field of equipment ion, performance control and calibration of devices in transferring the developing technology to the hospital environment. In addition, biomedical engineers will be able to employed to design new biomaterials to be used in various treatments. 

The need for qualified biomedical engineers specialized in the health sector, which is one of the two most important technological developments in the world, is increasing considerably. In our country, at least 1 Biomedical Engineer must be employed in the hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health with a capacity of 200 beds and private hospitals with a capacity of 100 beds and above (in the Official Gazette dated 27.07.2011 and numbered 24472, Official Gazette dated 22.03.2002 and numbered 24708).