Biomedical Engineering is a new field that applies the principles and methods of basic science such as engineering and physics and mathematics to solve problems in biology and medicine. Biomedical Engineering, which provides a bridge between engineering sciences and life, includes interdisciplinary studies.

Biomedical engineers use their own interdisciplinary knowledge to design new medical devices and instruments, apply the principles of engineering in understanding and repair the human body,  decide, and decrease the cost of using engineering tools.

Biomedical Engineering Program serves in the Faculty of Technology. The program is mainly concerned with engineering principles applied to the solution of problems in biology and medicine. Biomedical Engineering program consists of Basic Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Biology, Physiology, Engineering Design, Social, Economics and Management Sciences and Turkish Language and History courses. Selcuk University Faculty of Technology Biomedical Engineering graduates can work in the Biomedical Industry, medical research laboratories, and hospitals.