TOMER Selcuk University offers courses for a fee to anyone who wants to learn Turkish of Turkey.  As the sufficient number of participants for each level is reached, the course opens.


Selcuk University-TOMER COURSE FEES 

Basic Level


1000 TL


1000 TL

İntermediate Level


1000 TL


1000 TL

Advanced Level


1200 TL





5200 TL



Accelerated Courses


 Basic Level

80 lessons/hours 600 TL

Intermediate Level

80 lessons/hours 600 TL

Next Level

80 lessons/hours 600 TL


240 lessons/hours 1800 TL



Private Lessons

There is demand in the private lessons may be included in the following fees:


Number of Students

Lesson/One Hour Fees

1 person

50 TL

for 2 people

60 TL

for 3 people

70 TL

for 4 people

80 TL

for 5 people

90 TL

for 6 people

100 TL



Note : Scholarship and non-scholarship students, course materials (books, CDs, etc.). required to pay a separate charge.




Placement Exam



Documentary: 200 TL (Document is valid for 6 months.)



Proficiency Exam


* Proficiency exam dates will be announced on our facebook page.


* Being student is not a must for attending our proficiency exam, everybody can attend.


* Level exam points are important for passing to the next level. Level exam points and proficiency exam point are irrelevant.


* 60 out of 100 is the minimum point for passing level exam and proficiency exam below which student is considered fail. Taking in consideration that student should get 15 out of 25 in each of reading, listening, writing and speaking exams. Failing to get the minumum point in any of these four skills, student wouldnt be qualifed to pass the over all exam. 



LISTENING AND WRITING:          DATE: 02.01.2018                  TIME: 09.00

READING AND SPEAKING:         DATE:  03.01.2018                  TIME: 09.00



Proficiency Exam Fee:  250 TL


If students who are join proficiency exam get a mark below level C, they can't take certificate and proficiency fees are not given back them.


Türkiye Scholarship students do not have to pay the money for the first time. But if they want to attend for a second time they have to pay certification fees.