Forms must be filled in completely.

A) Forms for matters not in other forms;
01a General Petition (Related to Faculty) - For Our Students
01b General Petition (Related to Faculty) - For Graduates
01c General Petition (Regarding the Departments) -For our students
B) Forms for Demanding Exemption from Courses Taken in Schools / Departments in Previous Years;
02 Application for Exemption Request (General)
C) Form for Student General Information;
03 Student Information Form
Ç) Application Form for Student Selection Examination from Abroad;
04 SUYOS Application
D) Forms for Course / Semester Registration;
05a Course Registration
05b Add / Remove Courses
05c Registration Freeze Request
E) Forms Related to Internal and Vertical Transition;
06a Internal Transfer (Note)
06b Transfer Between Institutions (Note)
06c Transition with Central Placement Score
F) Forms Related to Taking Courses;
07a Repeating a Course to Upgrade Grades
07b Taking Courses from Upper Semester
G) Forms Related to Exams;
08a Material Error Assessment of Exam Result - (Objection to Exam Result)
08b Make-up Exam Application
08c Application for Single Course Exam
H) Forms for Refunds;
09a Fall / Spring Semester Return
09b Summer School Fee Refund
I) Forms Related to Passport Procedures;
10 Exemption of Passport and Foreign Fees
İ) Forms Related to Graduation;
11a For Graduate (To Unregister)
11b For Graduate (De-registration, Request for Associate Degree)
11c For Graduate (Graduation, Bachelor's Degree)
J) Forms for Card or Diploma Losses;
12a Student ID Card Loss Statement
12b Demand for Loss of Diploma Due to Loss of Diploma