Meat And Milk Unit

One of Turkey's most important breeding centers in Konya in 1982, our country started to education as the fifth faculty Selcuk University in Lawn neighborhood in 1991 in the development process of Veterinary Medicine 100 m2 of Food Hygiene in a building and Technology Department started its operations depending on the branch the Meat-Dairy Research and Application Unit moved to its new building on the campus in 1994. In this unit, which was established on a 1000 m2 closed area where animal products were processed, the stages of converting animal products from farm to fork into a product which is a stage of healthy production are carried out under hygienic conditions. In our unit, raw materials produced in our farm are sausages, salami, hamburgers, inegöl meatballs, pasteurized milk, ice cream, butter and so on ready products. Produced products are offered for sale in our faculty sales department. Our unit is open to personnel training in the production of meat and dairy products. In the provision of animal foods under healthy conditions, veterinarians carry out their duties at every stage from production to consumption, increase their effectiveness in the fight against zoonoses, prevent harmful effects on the environment and human and animal health of chemical residues and drug residues, hence the responsibility and duty in production in such a way as to meet this need of food industry is a moral and legal responsibility. The department provides information on the content of this responsibility.