Selcuk University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Equestrian Facilities has been providing horse riding, student training, scientific research and licensed horse riding services within the body of Veterinary Faculty since 03.11.2014. In our facility, there are a total of three maneuvers one is closed and two are open, 24 boxing, professional equestrian training are provided with the horses of the S.U. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. A maintenance service is offered for the horses of our citizens for a fee. In addition, in order to promote and popularize riding, riding tours are provided for primary school students.

In addition, S.Ü. Faculty of Veterinary Equestrian Club was established on 10.04.2015 and it became a federated club by Turkey Equestrian Federation on 05.18.2015. Basic and advanced riding courses are held by a coach with a riding coach diploma. There are 50 licensed riders in our club. Our licensed riders compete on behalf of our club in equestrian competitions.